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University ERP Solution

University erp empowers with a dynamic web-portal with individual dashboards for Student, Read more..

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College ERP Solution

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business management software that allows , Read more..

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School ERP Solution

School erp empowers with a dynamic web-portal with individual dashboards for Students,Read more..

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University & College  Automation Software

Saral ERP Solutions primary goal & commitment is exclusively for Education Sector. Repository of best practices in built in our product that is unparalleled to match. Our commitment to education sector for last decades has been to provide an education system with innovative technology program that prepare students for life & for the workplace. These days automation & computerization have made things easier for college & universities to manage student enrollment, admissions, fees collection, conducting examination etc.

Saral ERP is a Complete Package of Online/Cloud ERP, A simple answer to all your University & College Management related Queries.

This is a automation software which is designed primarily for educational institutions for the India country, resulting in a better management and enabling institutes for better decision making capabilities. With expertise in domain and technology, our education ERP has been developed by working closely with domain experts in the education sector.


   Automation software was our first effort to streamline the academic sector, now we have fully fledged solutions for all your problems in the educational area. Now we have been established for the best preferred software solutions like university management software & college management software for various educational institutions.


      Take decision based on Insightful reports,  
      150+ analytical reports available.


      An any device approach


      Integrated single solution, which avoids data

      duplication & helps to Implement strong process.


      Brings greater uniformity across the campus,

      easy to see overview of all the departments.

Save Paper:

      Save paper, save time & money, go green.

Simple, Powerful & Unique Education Software

User friendly for your teachers

If Difficult to use, not possible Love.

Our Sara lerp Software is as simple as the consumer Internet.

No expertise required

To quickly accomplish a task.


Simple Pricing

We follow very simple & affordable Pricing  strategy.

Unique features for your institution

We have unique modules to run your Institution without much customization.

Why Us

Experts Associated with Saral erp solutions (p) ltd

Saral ERP Solutions (p) ltd possesses the skills and experience that makes sure clients’ erp software performs as expected. Up to 80% consultants of Saral ERP Solutions (p) ltd, working with higher education clients, have an average Fifteen years of experience with ERP implementation. Guiding clients with deep and clear understanding of product means clients are positioned for continuous improvement in performance. All project managers follow Saral ERP Solutions (p) ltd implementation standards.


Process and Sub-Process Modules

Saral ERP Solutions (p) ltd possesses more than 15 processes and sub-process modules which are ready for brisk application. A Few examples specific to higher education are mentioned below.

• Admission Process
• Fees
• Student Life Cycle Management
• Relationship and Communication
• Oversight of Satisfactory academic progress
• A Structure for Monitoring Attendance, Academics & Examinations
• Online Feedback & Analysis
• Student Activity Management
• Student Registration
• Time table & syllabus
• Library management
• Training and placement
• Alumni
• Hostel & Transport
• Examination Sitting Plan etc.

Technical Institutes, Colleges & Universities Implementations

Sara lerp solutions (p) ltd implemented methodologies and overall credentials to Sara lerp solutions (p) ltd implemented methodologies and overall credentials to more than 50 technical, educational institutes, colleges & universities delivering solutions on time and within budget. The names of some of those institutes are mentioned below.

• Lingyas Univerristy (Faridabad)
• Ambedkar university(Delhi)
• Eternal University (Himachal Pradesh
• Noida International University (Noida
• Bansal Group of Institutions (Bhopal, M.P
• BSA College of Engineering & Technology (Mathura,U.P
• Vidya Knowledge Park (Meerut,U.P
• Amrapali group of institutions(Haldwani)
• Roorkee Institute of Technology(Roorkee)
• Universal Group of Institutions(Punjab)

A methodology comprised of project management, solution delivery, and a governance structure

Professional implementation service of Sara lerp solutions (p) ltd is a collaborative approach in which Sara lerp solutions (p) ltd works with its clients to achieve results with predictable costs at rare risk.

Training opportunities

Informal learning through its virtual communities and from “over the shoulder” teaching throughout the engagement.
Formal classes and access to web-based training via the On-Demand YouTube library.
24×7 access to Support Line and Online Support System.


About Us

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Saral ERP Solutions (P) Ltd. is the Software Development Company which has built up an impressive list of clients, particularly amongst North India, which pay testimony to the high quality, timeliness and value of our work. If your company is in need of software development services, Saral ERP Solutions (P) Ltd. is the best choice. We are sure that our relations will be mutually beneficial, and we will be able to satisfy your needs.

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We develop comprehensive ERP software for various industries that integrates entire processes of any organization in to a single system.


We lead the IT industry across the globe and provide intelligent software solutions to customers as per their requirement.

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